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Doc-in-a-Box Physician Recruiting Software is used by physician recruiting firms and hospital in-house physician recruiting departments to efficiently manage the recruiting of physicians and other providers.

Doc-in-a-Box Physician Recruiting Software is a database written specifically for physician recruiting by a former physician recruiter.  The recruiter tracks their own candidates and opportunities.  The recruiter can easily link a candidate to a practice opportunity.  This linkage is also viewable at the opportunity or site level without making any additional data entries.

With Doc-in-a-Box, you are purchasing the program instead of subscribing to it.  Therefore, you are paying only once for what others might charge you each year you continue to subscribe.  In addition, Doc-in-a-Box can be hosted on your own server for web access while maintaining total possession of your data.

One fantastic advantage of Doc-in-a-Box is the ability to have it customized to meet your specific needs.  These would include unique reports for management purposes, importing data from your organization's web site, or even designing your own data input form.

 Doc-in-a-Box was developed by Bob Epstein while he was an in-house recruiter working for a hospital in the Seattle suburbs.  He says that "He didn't have any difficulty finding doctors interested in his area, his problem was keeping track of who was on first".